Kowkie Durst

Artist Statement

I imagine my pots in someone’s home, tossed from sink to table to shelf. I want them to live with someone and become a part of their everyday life. The physical connection—lips, hands, eyes—that engages a user with the object is essential to the creation of meaning for pottery. My approach to clay enacts my passion for the material and exposes the physical nature of my own existence.

I score my pots with drawings of objects such as bicycles, unicycles or the washer and dryers of the local laundromat as well as drawings that investigate more social and political issues such as the commodification of food, sweatshops, gay marriage, gasoline consumption, among others. The drawings on my pots are cartoon-like abstractions of our contemporary cultural icons, which I use to narrate our intimate relationship with everyday objects as well as to capture everyday moments that may sometimes be overlooked.